working edge between sessions can be done relative quickly used a swipe/roller/cross-steeled sharpener for the Clipper/Opinels...after that, and you've found the Scandi-ground blades such as the Mora Basic Wood Carving Knife, already mentioned you will be jumping up into the Ten to Twenty Pound + needed accessories(sharpening stones/wet n dry, stropping leather and compounds)...the next leap with get you into the £40-£150 per knife-complete + all the accoutriments required to keep the blades in good the time needed to learn and employ the skills to keep a more deliberate keen edge for intended purpose eg for more finer work such as give yo a quick idea of prices and whats out there, off the shelf, ballpark costs etc look at Moonraker Knives eg .if it is genuinely for Head_U_cational purposes sell the fact in your intro to whomever you decide to buy from and ask for any potential discount allowances..don't ask, don't get etc...gluk!
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